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Alana’s Choice: The Challenge of New Ingredients

One of the most fun parts of my job as founder and President of Libre Naturals is research and development.  Since I love to cook and create with food, getting in to my R and D lab and trying all sorts of new products and recipes is my idea of a good time. What I don’t like is when we do move forward with new products and I have to let our customers know that new ingredients are coming in

Advocating for Your Child – Get Out Your Honey Shoes

In my last blog post, I provided tips for how to choose a school for your food allergic/Celiac child.  However, that was only step 1 of an advocating process that will be ongoing as long as you are involved with making decisions for the well-being of your child. Even when things are going well in your child’s learning environment, the relationship you build now goes a long way towards future interactions.  Because bumps WILL happen along the way:  the teacher

Choosing a School For Your Food Allergic Child – Step 1

One of the most common concerns shared by food allergy parents is what to do when their child starts school.  And this concern is not limited to entering kindergarten for the first time; it is equally as worrying for moving to a new school, new grade, or even heading into college and university. Most advice for food allergic parents entering school will center around very specific questions about staff training, food allergy plans, etc. and that is excellent advice but

Food Allergy Top 5 Airline Travel Tips

Whether you’re heading out on vacation or travel due to work, airline travel can be one of the most stressful parts of the entire process.  Part of this is because airlines may not have very clear allergy policies or even if they are clear, how airline staff apply those policies can vary greatly from flight to flight.  Of course, you’ll want to bring your own safe food on board for longer flights  but besides that, let’s talk about the top

Beyond Gluten Sensitivity

I’m going to get this confession out of the way first:  I have IBS.  Generally, it’s not something I lead with in conversations because it not only makes me self-conscious, it’s generally a conversation killer.  Really, where do you go from there with someone who’s asked you why you’re not eating gluten or dairy?  Even better, when they don’t know what IBS is so you blurt out, “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”.  I’d rather stay at home and not socialize, thank you

Breakthroughs in Food Allergy “Cures”

Before getting started on some interesting updates on food allergy research, note that in the title I put “cures” in quotations.  This is because headlines are often trumpeting a cure and when you read the article, you find that the “cure” is years of research away, may have been testing on a sample too small to have conclusive data or isn’t a cure at all, merely another step to the potential for a cure. So let’s just say that several

Oral Food Challenge: Worth the Risk?

It’s a tragic time in the food allergic community as we mourn the loss of another child to food allergies.  On July 30th, Alistair, aged 3 of Alabama, passed away after participating in a baked milk challenge at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama in Birmingham.  What makes Alistair’s death even more alarming is that this is reportedly the first food allergy challenge death recorded.  At this time, the circumstances surrounding Alistair’s death have not been shared to allow the family privacy

Airport Emergency Epi-Pens – An Amazing Sight

Here in Canada we’ve never had a fight to allow children to self-carry their own epinephrine injection device.  Because of that, we’ve also not had the same fight as allergic people have had in the US to have schools and other public buildings have epinephrine available that could be used for any person experiencing anaphylaxis. So imagine my surprise when I was at my small regional airport to send my daughter back to university for summer classes on May 12 and saw

New NIAID Guidelines for Preventing Peanut Allergy

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has issued new guidelines for the introduction of peanut containing foods to infants who are at high risk for the development of peanut allergy.  It has made the national news in Canada and has been seen as quite controversial, particularly in the food allergy community.  Read the details from NIAID:  https://www.niaid.nih.gov/diseases-conditions/food-allergy Therefore, I had an email today asking my opinion on that controversy.  So here is what I emailed back –

Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies

Did you know you can use our Libre Naturals bulk oatmeal in cookies? It’s already got all sorts of yummy goodies like fruit and/or raw seeds to add flavor and nutrition. And since it’s already got cane sugar in it, you’ll only need to mix in a smaller amount of soft brown sugar to get a delectable cookie your family will love: Recipe: 1 cup butter/alternative, softened 3/4 cup soft brown sugar 1 egg/alternative 2 cups Libre Naturals bulk gluten

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