Allergy Family Travels

Our family  just got back yesterday from Tofino where we took the Manitoba in-laws for their first look at the Pacific Rim National Park, gray whales, sea otters, rain, rain, rain and…snow.  Ah, nothing like spring on the west coast of Canada!

Like many allergy families, we got a kitchenette and dragged all of our own food along so that we wouldn’t have to eat out.  Despite all of the careful attention to detail, I had a bit of anxiety when it came time to bedtime.  While the suite slept 8, 2 of those 8 were on a pullout and we had planned to have our allergic child there so us parents could have a little privacy. 

But, I just couldn’t put her on the pullout when so many people sit and eat on the sofa.  We ate at the sofa while we were there since there wasn’t quite enough room at the table.  While we weren’t eating nuts, how many people had sat there before us?  How many people would come later  that have allergies to wheat from our breadcrumbs?  In the end, I ended up sleeping with said allergic child in a bed while our oldest daughter was alone on the pullout. 

My husband thought I was going a bit overboard but in the end, I managed to sleep (somewhat, given her elbow in my throat), knowing that we were sleeping in the room farthest from the kitchen.