Goodbye Easter Bunny

Holidays where chocolates play a large part are a nightmare for food allergic parents.  The beautiful Easter displays in stores and supermarkets are a huge disappointment as you start reading all the pretty packages only to come away with either nothing or a pathetically small amount of options.  And if you’re trying to find chocolates for Passover too you’d be pretty lucky to find anything that worked.

When my girls were little, we were lucky enough to be nearby Twin Cove Confections, a Victoria based nut free chocolate company that made delectable truffles and bunnies with homemade toffee bits and marshmallows inside .  Like many small allergy friendly companies, it was a company run by two sisters who had family members with food allergies and was generally sustained by their big hearts, not the money it generated.  Unfortunately, last year one of the founding sisters died of cystic fibrosis and  the decision was made to put the company to rest as well.  For the time that the company was running, there were a lot of us grateful allergy parents who were thrilled to find delicious and beautiful options.

Around the same time, my allergic (and youngest) child found out that that the Easter Bunny was not who she thought he was and the pressure was off to come up with chocolates every year.  Instead, being 12 an 14, my girls are now thrilled to have other more grown up goodies instead:  itunes certificates, pajamas, etc.  So while I miss the days of little ones joyously running around hunting for safe chocolate eggs, I certainly don’t miss my annual hunt for Christmas, Valentines Day,  and Easter treats.  Goodbye Easter Bunny!