Grandpa is King!

We just got back from spending Easter with my parents a couple of hours away from us on Northern Vancouver Island and my dad has become the ultimate grandpa in my daughters’ books.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the girls are getting to the point where the Easter Bunny is no longer a big part of their lives and that has been a relief for me with no more searching for yummy allergy safe treats for our family.

So while I was winding down, grandpa was winding up.  Why?  Both of my girls play soccer and he found them a nut free chocolate soccer ball for Easter!  It’s amazing:  full size, lifelike “patches” on the ball including multicolored where darker chocolate has been added for decoration, made in Canada and clearly marked as nut free.  While one daughter wanted to take it to school, the other is taking pictures to show her friends on her ipod.  They haven’t even broken into it yet as they’re so amazed at this chocolate creation.

So while the Easter bunny may have been on the way out this year, grandpa has enough mileage with the girls to last an awful long time.