The Nourish Project: Day 10 – Small Plates Anyone?

One of my goals for The Nourish Project was to eat good food but eat less of it. I’ve been doing that in various ways such as using goat cheese because it’s rich and satisfying in a recipe (like the omelette I had yesterday) but you don’t need a lot to get great flavour.

Research suggests that we North Americans use outside stimulus to determine if we are full compared to other cultures. In Europe, people relate that they eat until they’re full. In North America, we relate that we eat until our plate is clean. So what happens when those plates are getting bigger all of the time?

Since 1990, our standard dinner plates have increased from 10 inches to 12 inches. And have you checked out our glasses and mugs now too? On the weekend I went to the store with my daughter to try to get smaller dinner plates and smaller glasses. Not only could I not get any dinner plates under 12 inches, there were several sets that boasted even larger measurements as one of their features.

I also tried to get smaller glasses like my parents used when I was a kid (and still have). Those old glasses are about 8 oz (1 cup) for the large and 1/2 cup for the smaller, juice glasses. Again, I was thwarted. The absolutely smallest size of glass (besides a shot glass) was a martini glass of 10 oz – that’s a whole lot of liquor!

So today I got out a tea cup of my grandmother’s to have my morning cup of tea rather than a huge mug. It sure seemed awfully small but it was also really wonderful to drink out of a beautiful old real china cup with a saucer. I have 4 of them, all with different designs so maybe I’ll rotate through them each morning.

If you know anything about a nice 10 inch dinner plate that is microwave and dishwasher safe, be sure to let me know.

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