The Nourish Project Day 15: Empty Cupboard Syndrome

I’m getting my mojo back, yippee! I actually had enough energy this weekend to do all the usual groceries runs, soccer deliveries, child activity deliveries, teenager hosting sessions and had enough left to clean out my cupboards.

Whoohoo I’m sure you’re saying. And yet I’m thrilled that I had energy left over to clean my cupboards because I haven’t had any energy left over at the end of the day for over a year. And it wasn’t just any cupboard clearing, nope. It had everything to do with my Nourish project.

Basically, following the general rules of Michael Pollan, I pulled out everything from my cupboards and fridge that had ingredients my grandmother wouldn’t recognize, had GM ingredients in them and/or were high in sugar (like pancake syrup). I’d already separated most things but hadn’t completely followed through and either composted or recycled many items. I’m also going to be the new favourite of our local food bank.

What’s left actually fits in my one long pantry cupboard and I finally have room to bring up my breadmaker and electric skillet from the storage room downstairs. Although I will miss getting my exercise running those up and down every 3 days or so. Maybe it’s finally time for that Zumba class!

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