The Nourish Project: Day 8

I have a confession to make; I didn’t make it through the weekend true to my Nourish rules. It’s not like the rules are meant to be torturous, just to truly Nourish myself in all ways.

I was just so darn proud of myself last week and I was feeling really good. I felt more “normal” (whatever that means) and when hubby got home from his business trip, he noticed my face looked different. It’s amazing what eating good food, getting good sleep and working on stress levels will do for a gal.

You might recall that junk food was in the house to appease the kids and friends for their rare movie nights. I didn’t escape unscathed which is really why I don’t want any of it in the house to start with. Not that I was hiding in corners and bashing children to rip the junk food out of their hot little hands, but it’s just so darn easy to check to see what they had in the cupboard that they didn’t finish.

And it’s not like I ate a ton but it’s amazing how once you’ve greatly reduced sugar in your diet for a week how a bowlful of vanilla ice cream and Ghirardelli caramel sauce on Friday night will reduce your sleep to a hot mess. Once sleep is messed up, it’s also harder to nourish yourself because nourishing takes a little extra thought.

Some great parts of the weekend were to be had though include dinner with friends Saturday night, watching my youngest play soccer on Saltspring Island and putting a few meals into the freezer by doing some cooking and baking. In turn, that will make crazy work/soccer weekdays easy to put a healthy meal on the table before 8 pm. And one we can all sit down to.

So here I go again, bravely going where plenty have gone before, just not me.