Oat Porridge for a Long Life

You may have heard in the news in January that a Scottish woman, Jessie Gallan, had turned 109.  When asked the secret to her longevity, she answered that it was her daily bowl of porridge and avoiding men.

While I’m not advocating the avoiding men part (at least not today), I wholeheartedly agree with the daily porridge.  For those of you who don’t speak British, porridge is oatmeal.  Sometimes it’s plain, sometimes it’s with added fruit and seeds while others add plenty of milk and brown sugar.  My father is big on the milk and brown sugar so we don’t refer to his daily breakfast as oatmeal, we call it brown sugar soup.

In any case, Miss Gallan is plenty wise still eating porridge at 109.  That’s because we now know that the dieting extremes that we’ve been experiencing in North America over the last few decades have played a big part in the growing obesity epidemic.  Instead of a low carb diet, we should be thinking more in terms of “slow carb” diet.  That’s where we do indeed ingest carbohydrates but more of those that are slow to digest due to their fiber content plus naturally have good sources of vitamins and minerals.  Oatmeal certainly fits the bill.

Plus, did you know that oats are prebiotic?  That means that they are a healthy meal for the probiotic supplements you may be ingesting and the probiotics naturally living in your gastrointestinal system.  You’re simply letting good gut bacteria do their helpful work for your whole immune system when you give them the nutrition they need to thrive.  You can do this by eating that bowl of breakfast oatmeal but oats are also easy to add into supper by adding oats as a binder in hamburgers or meatloaf.  I use our Libre Naturals gluten free quick oats in my quinoa or salmon patties too.

So what are you waiting for?  Join Jessie in eating oatmeal in some way, shape or form, every day!

Alana Elliott is the Founder and President of Libre Naturals (formerly Nonuttin’ Foods), a gluten free and allergy friendly food company she founded in response to her family’s many food allergies and immune disorders.  Please check out Libre Naturals at:  www.librenaturals.com