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Put Life Into Perspective

Sometimes it takes a tragic experience of a friend to really appreciate your own life.

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Could We Be Closer to Food Allergen Limits in Processed Foods?

If you are a Celiac disease sufferer, you know that experts recognize 20 parts per million (ppm) as the standard in gluten tolerance.  Eating a variety of foods below this limit is considered safe, even when eaten cumulatively.  While there may be a tiny percentage of individuals with extreme sensitivity for who this standard may still be a problem, The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes this limit as not only safe for Celiacs but also manageable by the food industry. 

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Psst! Is Your Back to School Season Going Smoothly?

After years of recreating the wheel each time the school year begins, our year is off to a fine start. Is it too easy?

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Another Birthday Earned

Our allergic child is 13 today. While others celebrate (or are dismayed) about a child becoming a teenager, we are thankful that we’ve gotten this far.

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Is 5 Years up Already?

It’s hard to believe that Nonuttin’ Foods is celebrating its 5th anniversary. It’s time to look forward to the future.

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Pets and Food Allergies

Dogs do have food allergies. Are their allergies a reflection of the growing issue of food allergies in humans?

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Food Allergies – It’s All in the Family

The food allergies of our previous generations may be prevalent than you think.

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Are you Playing Food Allergy Roulette?

When I was younger, I had a friend with a shrimp allergy who seemed determined to overcome his food allergies by sheer willpower.  I’m sure you’ve heard of allergic people like this, perhaps you’re one of them.  These are the people who know they have a food allergy but  disregard food labels and maybe even actively try to prove they’re no longer allergic to the food they reacted to as a child.  In any case, my friend stopped his antics after purposefully

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Free at Last

The kids are gone but mom finds herself roaming a too quiet house.

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Allergies on YouTube

YouTube has its fun uses like showing our children our favorite clean comedians of the past such as Billy Cosby and his dentist routine. But I was recently disturbed by a peanut allergy reaction that was filmed and my discovery that there are plenty of similar clips on YouTube. Has our “show all” society finally crossed over the line?

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