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Gluten Free Oats – To Be or Not To Be?

Will Canadian labeling laws finally allow for pure oats to be called gluten free?

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Backlash on Allergies in the Manufacturing World Too

What do you do when an the sales rep of ingredient supplier tells you that the allergen testing they’ve done is pretty close to specifications?

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Sesame Allergies Now One of the Most Common

Sesame has become the fastest growing food allergy but is not currently declared on US food labels.

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Grandpa is King!

A huge chocolate soccer ball was a huge hit in this nut free house for Easter.

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Yes, Veronica, There Can Be Home Ec. for Allergic Kids

A couple of emails, a few discussions and a meeting later, Home Ec. becomes a reality for our allergic child.

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Goodbye Easter Bunny

Easter isn’t so fun when you’re searching for safe treats.

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Food Allergic Kids and Middle School Home Ec

The realities of a food allergic child and home economics classes.

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Food at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

I was in Vancouver yesterday demonstrating Nonuttin’ products for the various chefs, caterers and suppliers who will be very busy during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Paralympics next February and March.  Few of these professionals will actually be feeding the athletes at the games as the majority will be taking care of the vast business surrounding the games:  sponsors, corporate guests, media, governments, visitors, etc. Talking to the executive chefs at many of the top hotels in Vancouver, I

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Documentary on the Increase in Allergies

Details from the recent documentary Allergy Planet.

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Food Allergy News

Links to recent news stories featuring food allergy research.

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