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Make Grocery Shopping for Food Allergies Easier

I normally don’t talk about products unless I’m particularly thrilled with its potential to  improve my life personally as an allergy mom and/or as a gluten free/lactose free individual.  The Content Checked App for mobile devices is just the kind of product I’m happy to share and while it does have a paid version ($2.99), they also offer a free version.  Improves lives for free?  I’m all for it!  (Full Disclosure here:  while I never accept requests to review products and I’m doing this

My Journey With Gluten Sensitivity

For years now I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m an allergy mom and wife.  Both my business and personal musings have been about life after our daughters were diagnosed first with milk allergies and then peanuts, tree nuts, kiwis and chickpeas on top of my husband’s allergies to shrimp and clams.  I never envisioned that I would also become a contributor to the list of foods my family needs to avoid.  And while my issues are definitely not life

It’s Our 10th Anniversary!

Having children with food allergies has led me down a road I never envisioned but I wouldn’t change it.  There are many peaks and valleys and many bumps in this road, both as an allergy mom and as an entrepreneur but it is a road rich with amazing sights and people I’ve been grateful to meet along the way. When I made those first granola bars in my home-based certified kitchen as Nonuttin’ Foods way back in 2004, I had big hopes

Depression and Gluten Sensitivity

There has been much talk recently about the gluten free fad and how a large percentage of the general population thinks that they have a gluten problem.  Jimmy Kimmel’s video interviewing people on the street who ate gluten free but couldn’t actually explain what gluten was certainly didn’t help matters.  (See the Jimmy Kimmel video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdJFE1sp4Fw&feature=kp).  Add in headlines that don’t tell the whole story about new research on Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS – sometimes referred to as gluten intolerance) and

A Camping We Will Go!

I wish that I could time travel back about 7 years when my food allergic daughter was 10.  At the time, she’d just finished attending overnight camp with her school and had such a wonderful experience that she really wanted to go again.  There was just one problem; there was nowhere to go that was safe.  The reason she’d been able to attend the school camp was that her dad accompanied her as a volunteer, brought safe snacks for her

Promising Research for Multiple Food Allergies

If you’re like me and many other food allergy parents, your child may have originally been diagnosed with a single food allergy but has since either tested or reacted to other foods as well.  My food allergic daughter started with a peanut allergy, followed by a kiwi allergy followed testing diagnosis for an almond allergy followed by a chickpea allergy over the course of about 13 years.  Not only is the prevalence of food allergies growing, multiple food allergies are

GMO Debate Heating Up

The debate about genetic modification of foods is heating up as last month Vermont became the first state to require genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be declared on food packaging by 2015.  But this doesn’t mean the debate is over, far from it.  It is widely accepted that Monsanto, one of the developers of many of the genetically modified crops grown in North America today (corn, canola, soy) will sue the state of Vermont.  Although Monsanto has not yet filed

Get Ready for Back to School with Food Allergies

You might be thinking I’m more than a little crazy with this post about getting ready for back to school and you might be right but not for the reasons you think. While most of the world considers getting ready for back to school in mid to late August, those of us with food allergic or Celiac children actually need to begin the process of back to school right when other parents are gearing up for school letting out for

Diet or Food Allergy?

A couple of weeks ago I was at a conference and I’d brought the cooler of food.  You know, the one that you pack full of different snacks and easy to take with you meals since you have no idea when you’ll be able to get a meal that’s actually safe for you.  I’ve even bought a cooler with the car and wall plug in so that I can keep it cold while traveling in the car and then switch to the

A New Era for Allergy Friendly Airlines?

Last week Swiss Air announced that they were set to become the world’s first allergy friendly airline.  To confidently make that announcement, they did it after they’d received the quality seal of approval from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). Many news stories and social media have proclaimed Swiss Air Allergy Free but that’s not what they’ve proclaimed, nor, in my opinion should we ever be calling anything allergy free.  Since so many people have so many differing

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