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GMO Debate Heating Up

The debate about genetic modification of foods is heating up as last month Vermont became the first state to require genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be declared on food packaging by 2015.  But this doesn’t mean the debate is over, far from it.  It is widely accepted that Monsanto, one of the developers of many of the genetically modified crops grown in North America today (corn, canola, soy) will sue the state of Vermont.  Although Monsanto has not yet filed

Get Ready for Back to School with Food Allergies

You might be thinking I’m more than a little crazy with this post about getting ready for back to school and you might be right but not for the reasons you think. While most of the world considers getting ready for back to school in mid to late August, those of us with food allergic or Celiac children actually need to begin the process of back to school right when other parents are gearing up for school letting out for

Diet or Food Allergy?

A couple of weeks ago I was at a conference and I’d brought the cooler of food.  You know, the one that you pack full of different snacks and easy to take with you meals since you have no idea when you’ll be able to get a meal that’s actually safe for you.  I’ve even bought a cooler with the car and wall plug in so that I can keep it cold while traveling in the car and then switch to the

A New Era for Allergy Friendly Airlines?

Last week Swiss Air announced that they were set to become the world’s first allergy friendly airline.  To confidently make that announcement, they did it after they’d received the quality seal of approval from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). Many news stories and social media have proclaimed Swiss Air Allergy Free but that’s not what they’ve proclaimed, nor, in my opinion should we ever be calling anything allergy free.  Since so many people have so many differing

Come See Us at the Calgary Gluten Free Expo

We’re so pleased to be coming back to Calgary this Saturday and Sunday, March 29th and 30th for the 2nd annual Gluten Free Expo.  We were part of the inaugural 1 day show last year which was fantastic.  We hope you’ll come and join us at booth #113 for amazing show specials and a chance to win a $50 ecertificate for our Canadian store. The show is at the University of Calgary’s Olympic Speedskating Oval at 2500 University Drive NW,

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Nonuttin’ Brand Beginning Its Departure

When I first incorporated Nonuttin’ Foods way back in 2002, it was with the idea of creating peanut and nut free granola bars.  Peanut and nut allergies were the biggest focus for me, simply because they were 2 of my allergic daughter’s food allergies.  And as a pioneer in the “free from” food manufacturing category, peanut and nut free seemed like a great place to start.  As I got deeper into our product development, I realized that I could also

Society’s Food Obsession Wreaks Havoc on the Food Allergic

I’m beginning to think that we’re a society that is food obsessed. It’s evident every time I turn on the television where food shows proliferate whether you get cable or Netflix.  It’s at the checkout stand where 90% of the magazines have pictures of food or offer recipes for the newest and best creations inside.  If you’ve been on Pinterest at all, you’ll know not to go looking there when you’re hungry.  And most of all, you’ll see an explosion

Why Food Allergies Are Like Volcanoes

I received a compliment last week when a customer mentioned that they appreciated that I tried to focus on the positive food aspects of food allergy in my blogs, tweets and posts because they were tired of hearing the negative so often.  Yippee, a gal after my own heart! It’s not that I don’t acknowledge the down sides of being a food allergy family.  It’s a fact I’m reminded of every day simply by living the life that is our “normal”.  Everything

Is Your Emergency Kit Prepared?

Typhoon Haiyan has dominated the news over the last 2 weeks and rightly so.  With thousands of people killed, millions displaced and remote communities just now seeing their first help after 12 days, it is a natural disaster of enormous proportions.  And while people scramble all over the world to raise funds and send aid, the need is still dire with thousands more at risk as they go without food, water and sanitation. Unfortunately, it takes events such as this

Free Information at the Gluten Free Summit

The Gluten Free Summit is a weeklong online event from November 11-17 that is put on by thedr.com.  Signing up for the Summit is free but each day the webinars are only available for free for 24 hours Today, well known gluten expert, Dr. Alessio Fasano had a 1 hour webinar that blew me away.  Although I have seen him speak live 3 times, I’m amazed by how much more is new in research about both Celiac and non-Celiac gluten

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