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Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Gluten Free/Allergy Friendly Expo

I attend a lot of Gluten and/or Allergy Free Expos and every time I go, either as a vendor or as a consumer, I always get something good out of attending. Here’s why you should consider attending one in your area: 1. You’re Newly Diagnosed: Overwhelmed, having a hard time knowing what’s correct information on the internet or where you should start? Expos always have a roster of great speakers who can help demystify the new world you’re entering whether

October Product Feature: Nonuttin’ Gluten Free Granola Pouches 20% Off

Enjoy Libre Naturals’ best selling Nonuttin’ brand natural granola pouches at 20% off for the month of October.  Each mouth-watering flavor is handcrafted in small batches to bring out the best taste.  And because they are unbaked, you can enjoy Nonuttin’ granola on its own, with your favorite yogurt or as a topping for apple crisp without scraping your mouth like other granolas do. While you enjoy the great taste and savings, you can take comfort in the fact that every

Back to School with Food Allergies

Although I have been banned from mentioning “Back to School” by my daughter, it is that time of year.  And with it comes the anxiety of sending your food allergic child to a new year and new classroom.  Try to get a handle on it now with our Top 10 Back to School Tips located on our new Children and Teens with Food Allergies Education Page:  http://librenaturals.com/teens-children-allergies-celiac-USA/

FDA Finally Announces Gluten Free Regulations

It’s been a long time coming but the FDA finally announce gluten free regulations in the USA on Friday.  Over the last few years they had proposed guidelines but no means to regulate those unscrupulous people who were throwing gluten free on everything. Unlike Canada, oats are allowed under this regulation, as long as they can prove that they are below the 20 ppm of gluten cutoff.  Any company that has Gluten Free Certification from GFCO still tests their products

The Nourish Project Continues on a Gluten Free and Dairy Free Diet

If you’re looking at my blog and wondering if I fell off of the face of the Earth since November, I don’t blame you.  But I’m here, definitely!  Basically, since I knew that I’d be moving my blog from The Nonuttin’ Notes to my new one at www.alanaelliott.com , I thought I’d put off posting until all of the new sites (www.librenaturals.com and www.librenaturals.ca ) were up.  I fully expected that to be in December. We just ran into so

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Nourish: Are Your Family’s Calories Coming From Fast Food?

With many American children getting their calories from fast food, food allergies mean less fast food and eating more consciously.

4 Day Black Friday Sale Starts at Midnight

Nonuttin’ Foods is celebrating Black Friday through to Cyber Monday with a 4 day sale. Don’t miss out!

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Nourish: Happiness is a 20 Second Hug

Nourish yourself with a 20 second hug today.

Nourish: Do We Really Need Healthier Hot Dogs?

What if formulating new healthier hot dogs isn’t the answer and less formulation is?

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Libre Naturals Making its Debut

Nonuttin’ Foods is changing its parent company to Libre Naturals as of December 1, 2012. A new website, new logo and more to come even as the Nonuttin’ brand stays on the products you know and love.

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