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The Nourish Project Day 15: Empty Cupboard Syndrome

After being on the Nourish project for 2 weeks, there’s energy left at the end of the day for cupboard cleaning. Yippee!

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The Nourish Project: Day 10 – Small Plates Anyone?

Alana’s Nourish Project is thwarted when she tries to go to lower portion sizes with smaller dinnerware.

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The Nourish Project: Day 8

After one week on the Nourish Project, the wheels fell off the wagon. Time to dust myself off and nourish, nourish again.

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The Nourish Project: Day 4

Day 4 of The Nourish Project and rebellion has reared its ugly head.

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The Nourish Project Day 3

Day 3 of The Nourish Project and some realities are starting to set in.

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The Nourish Project

It’s time to put my money where my mouth is and actually put me first. The Nourish Project takes on the founder of a health food company to bring her back to life.

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New Items/New Brands/Website/Shipping Changes Update

In the last enewsletter and on Facebook I teased you with the new products coming such as our new oatmeal cups, trail mix and quick and rolled oats. We have been manufacturing these new items since July and they have been heading to distributors and retail locations across Canada and the USA. You just haven’t seen them on the website yet and I haven’t forgotten about you. At the same time that we began manufacturing the new items, we also

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Nonuttin’ Soy Elimination: Packaging Phase-In

You might be asking how you’ll know the difference between the old packaging and the new. The answer is really simple: smiles and love. Yes, smiles and love straight from our family to yours. The new packaging front has 2 new icons on it that you haven’t seen before: a green happy face and a dedicated facility red heart. Like this: On the back of the packaging under the ingredients, you will see a new statement reading: These delicious products

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Nonuttin’ Soy Elimination: Packaging Phase Out

After many months of planning and action, we are in the final phase of our soy elimination: packaging phase out. What this means is that there are no longer any products for sale in the Nonuttin’ online store that contain soy yet you will still see that products have the old packaging that has soy warnings on it (contains soy lecithin for chocolate items, may contain soy for those without chocolate). This will continue for some time while we run

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Soyanara Phase II

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted since I’ve been just doing quickie updates on Facebook. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been madly working up a storm. You may have noticed that all chocolate chips and chunks are now being discontinued from our online store and are 25% off. This is because we’re heading into Phase II of the soy elimination program. Phase I was taking soybeans off the production floor and it was completed March 31.

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